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Hi! I'm Janine, a startup founder who learned how to code, built a legal tech app, and successfully sold it in 6 years - all while being a mother of 4 under 4.

I started my career in Columbus, Ohio as a paralegal in the bankruptcy space and saw a need in the market for a web-based software application. That's when NextChapter was born. After building the beta, I traveled from coast to coast to look for startup capital and investment. I pitched 82 times and heard no almost every time. All bets were against me when I lost 2 cofounders and ran out of money but I didn't give up. I taught myself how to code and built a remote team on next to nothing, all while being pregnant with my first child. I grew the company to 25 employees, over 6,000 customers, and 14% month-over-month revenue growth before getting acquired in September 2019.

Despite my challenges as a woman founder in a niche unsexy market, I managed to get my company off the ground and learned a lot about business, patience, and the power of believing in yourself and I’m here to share my tips and secrets with you!

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